Profiled in the Washington Post Extraordinary People series for his work with children during the pandemic

USA Today -- Charles' essay about Ringling Bros &
Barnum & Bailey Circus

“A true children’s comedian” — Billboard Magazine

 “A clown for all seasons” — LA Times

“Best Bet”  — Seattle Times

Parenting Magazine Book, Video and Software Awards … recognizing excellence in children’s media … preschool  video category:
“Charles The Clown” from A&M Video”
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Reasonable Prices

If you want the very best East Bay clown and very best children's party entertainer for your child's birthday party, hire Charles The Clown.

A Wonderful Kid’s Party Entertainer for the East Bay

with decades of experience, amazing reviews and presentations that are fine tuned for individual audiences.

Highly praised for his natural talent, comic rhyming, and ability to keep the audience laughing continuously, Charles is the East Bay's most experienced kids party entertainer. Charles The Clown is professional, trustworthy, developmentally appropriate, and a non-scary clown who offers party entertainment for children three and above, and magic shows for older kids.

Charles' clown show has dazzled thousands of birthday party audiences with his award-winning become-a-clown routine and his comedy magic shows. He is the most experienced children's party entertainer in the East Bay, Charles has given over 12,000 shows for kids world-wide. He's been written about and endorsed by major newspapers, educators, broadcasters and parents. His Yelp reviews are all five star. A Charles The Clown birthday appearance includes magic tricks, puppets. balloon comedy, balloon animals and audience participation. Charles' clown and magic performances are developmentally appropriate, creative, and hysterically funny as he turns himself into a clown right in front of the audience. Billboard Magazine called Charles The Clown "A true children's comedian."

Newspaper reports say Charles keeps his audiences enthralled.

A Master children's entertainer with decades of experience, Charles is unique, fun, and funny. His party show is entertaining for the whole family. Charles captivates and fully engages his audiences and keeps everyone rolling in the aisles with laughter. His clown show is performed in hilarious rhyme -- a language rich experience for young children. Hire Charles the Clown for your child's birthday party and make the party truly memorable. Charles' jokes, puppet routines, magic tricks and balloon comedy will be remembered all year long.

Endorsed by librarians and educators, Charles is an original! There is no other children's party performer like him. From Seattle to San Diego, the East Bay to NYC, DaNang to Berlin, this kids entertainer keeps the fun and laughter going throughout the entire show with silly rhyming, puppets and balloon animals.

Don't miss out on a unique and wonderful routine. The performances are customized for your specific audience. Invite Charles The Clown to perform in your home, at your child's school, in the park or at the library. Holiday and theme shows, magic and balloon workshops for older kids. Professional and sensitive performances for children with special needs. There is only one Charles The Clown. There is only one Charles The Magician. Book Charles today for your next birthday party, school, holiday, or library event.

Read Charles' Philosophy: "The Theory of Silliness Education."

Video Samples:

School Performance Video

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