oems By Bones the Dog
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Here comes Spring!
By Bones The Dog Puppet

Spring has arrived. Soon it is going to be so hot, I'll have to get up off this spot. Right now, I am laying down. I kind of like the ground. Each Winter, I dig right in, look out the window and let the snow begin. But when flowers start to grow, when trees sprout leaves .... I start to look for bees. And butterflies, and sunny skies. Then, I want to run again. And again. And more. That's why I stand up and bark at the door. Hello birds. Hello squirrels. Hello bunny rabbits hopping by. I don't want to be inside. It will make me cry. Out. OUT. OUT right now. I need to go talk to a cow.

Winter Is Coming
By Bones The Dog Puppet
Yesterday, a leaf fell on my nose, the wind blew it back toward the sky, then down to my toes.
It was not alone, that leaf falling down, trees were losing them all over town.
Summer has ended, autumn is here, and soon, snow will appear. School is on, sun tans are off, the rain makes my paws wet and I am developing a cough.
Night arrives quickly, darkening skies. And as daylight says its goodbyes, I curl up on my doggie bed, finding just the right spot to rest my fuzzy head.
Hello autumn. Hello winter. Hello rain. Hello snow. I think I’ll close my eyes and dream where I go.

When Winter Arrives
By Bones The Dog Puppet
Winter happens once a year, and I am very very sure it’s gotten here.
Trees are covered with frost. The birds aren’t around.
Maybe they are lost, or moved to another town.

When I try to dig, the ground won’t budge.
When I try to scratch in the dirt, I can’t make a smudge.
Everything outside is frozen. Big fat jackets have been chosen.
To cover all the kids who journey out.
Their breath turns to mist every time they shout.

Soon snow is going to cover the ground, sealing things over.
You won’t see grass, or flowers or clover.
But you’ll see cat tracks, and a snowman.
And mountains will look white instead of tan.

I dreamed that instead of snow, one winter there was lots of dough.
Falling from the sky
Cream puffs landing in my eye.

Snow, snow, snow. Dough dough, dough.
Cold, cold, cold.
Snow is best before it gets old.

Slip, slip, slide.
You play in the snow, then go inside,
Where your paw has to thaw
And your tail, which is frozen and is straight as a rail,
Slowly becomes unstiff
Then, once you are warm, you get back your sniff.

Skating is greating
By Bones The Dog Puppet
Winter is great. I'm going to learn to skate, either on the pond or on a plate. Not the plate, I already ate. So I'll put on the shoes with the sharp little lines that allow you to slide until you fall on your behind. But that is ok. I get up right away. Then I fall some more. Probably, that is what skating is for.

The Zoo
By Bones The Dog Puppet
I am a dog, it's really true, and as you know, they don't put dogs in the zoo. If they put me in a cage, I'd be very mad. I have to run around a lot or I get very sad. I need to dig, to explore ... and in a cage you can't do that any more. So when I hear about animals like monkeys, elephants and lions, all stuck behind some bars, I kind of wish they could escape, and maybe run to Mars.

Chicken Talk
By Bones The Dog
One day, while trying to think up something to say, I barked like a chicken, then like a cow munching on hay. Charles The Clown heard me and thought it was fun, so he decided to try one. He told me he was going to bark like a bunny, which I thought was very funny. But a bunny doesn't make any sound. It's so quiet his voice stays on the ground. Charles twisted his lips, he turned up his nose, then he made a tiny chirping noise that came from his toes. 'That's a bunny sounding funny," he explained, but I knew it wasn't true, because chirping is something bunny rabbits just don't do.