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There are 16 words hidden among these letters. The words can be, left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, diagonally going up, or diagonally going down. Some letters will appear in two words at the same time. When you find a word, draw an outline around it. An outline around one word may overlap an outline around another word as well. How many words can you find?

Find the words that are names for these things:

  1. Something a dog likes to chew on.
  2. The name for something you put on a dog when you take it for a walk.
  3. The name of an animal that meows; a dog might like to chase it.
  4. A name that can be used for baby dogs.
  5. What does a dog’s tail do when it moves back and forth?
  6. The name of the sound that dogs make.
  7. The name for the kinds of things you can teach a dog to do.
  8. The name of something a dog does for exercise. (Hint -- it gets them from one place to another and we don’t mean driving a car!)
  9. The name for what dogs do when they scratch their paws in the dirt over and over again, making a hole in the ground.
  10. The name for what dogs wear around their necks.
  11. A round disc; some dogs can catch this in their mouths for fun.
  12. A contest where dogs can win a ribbon or a trophy from the judge.
  13. Another name for dog hair.
  14. What dogs do when they run into a lake.
  15. What many dogs like you to do to their tummies. (Hint – this word rhymes with cub.)
  16. The name for two pointy, or floppy, things dogs use to hear.
Answers to Doggie Word Search

  • 2.  This is a long word. We have put it in the crossword puzzle already to start you off. The word is fabulous and it is used to describe something that is really great or terrific.  
  • 5.  Before you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, you close your eyes and make a __ ___ __ __.
  • 6.  A continent located mostly in the Southern Hemisphere of the globe. Some people go on a safari to this place. This continent is home to monkeys, lions, tigers, elephants, and other animals.
  • 9.  There is a famous storybook monkey whose friend is "The Man With The Yellow Hat." This monkey has lots of adventures.
  • 11.  On your birthday, friends and family get invited to your birthday __ __ __ __ __.
  • 14.  We look at a calendar to check the __ __ __ __ of the party.
  • 15 . The name of Charles The Clown's monkey puppet.
  • 16.  A sweet treat found in a piñata. Also, people usually give this to kids on Halloween.
  • 17.  Monkeys like to be outdoors and climb on these tall things.
  • 18.  At a birthday party, the guests __ __ __ __ Happy Birthday to the birthday boy or girl.
  • 21.  The name of a food that is cold and sweet and sometimes is served with birthday cake.
  • 23.  "Pin the Tail on the Donkey," and "Duck, Duck, Goose" are __ __ __ __ __.


  • 1.  Something popular at a birthday party. This is made of colorful, paper mache that is hung from a high place. It is usually filled with candy and treats. Kids take turns hitting this object with a stick.
  • 2.  A name you call the kids at school that you like a lot and play with all the time.
  • 3.  The name of a yellow fruit that monkeys like to eat.
  • 4.  First you take a deep breath, then you __ __ __ __ out the candles on the cake.
  • 7.  A hard fruit that grows on palm trees. This is hard and brown on the outside, chewy and white inside. Sometimes a hammer is needed to open this fruit.
  • 8.  The color of Horacio The Monkey Puppet's fur  (Hint:  there is a picture of Horacio The Monkey Puppet at the bottom of this page).
  • 10.  A place where animals live.  There are many of these places in cities around the world.  Families enjoy visiting these places to watch the animals
  • 12.  The name for small, colored wax sticks that go onto your birthday cake.
  • 13.  All kids hope they will get one for a birthday present.
  • 19.  The name for something you sit on and go back and forth. It is something found on a playground or in the park. Sometimes, someone pushes you while you are sitting on this.
  • 20.  The name for a small, brown animal that likes to eat bananas and climb trees.
  • 22.  The name for something baked in the oven to honor the birthday person.

Answers to Monkey Birthday Crossword

This is a game you can play alone or with a friend. The object of the game is to discover Charles’ message. You will figure out the message by thinking about each clue below. There are eleven clues. Answer each clue. Write your answer next to the clue. Then, write the first letter of each answer on the line with the number that matches the number of the clue. For example, the first letter of clue number one goes onto line number one. The first letter of clue number two goes onto line number two, and so on.

You can play using a pair of dice. Or, just by selecting numbers until you’ve answered all the clues.

There are eleven letters in Charles’ message.

To Play: Roll the dice and count the number of dots that are showing. If the number of dots is six, then go to clue number six. Answer the clue. Write your answer next to the clue, then put the first letter of your answer onto line number six. Continue rolling the dice until you have rolled every number, one to eleven. (When you are trying to roll numbers one through six just use one die. For numbers six through eleven, use two dice).

1____ 2____ 3____ 4____ 5____
6____ 7____
8____ 9____ 10____ 11____

  1. When you care about someone very much and they have a special place in your heart you feel _______.
  2. This is the part of your body that helps you hear. _______
  3. The first letter in the alphabet. ________
  4. A long eared animal that hops. ________
  5. The opposite of YES. ________
  6. This is what a clock helps you tell. ________
  7. The opposite of IN. ________
  8. This is an ingredient in foods that makes them taste sweet. ________
  9. What you use with soap when you wash your hands. ________
  10. The opposite of OUT. ________
  11. What is a female parent called? ________
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